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Regal Rouge Bordeaux


History of the Dogue De Bordeaux
About My Dogue De Bordeauxs
ChampionTars Tarkas
Saphira Rouge

Three of the Boys
7 weeks old

Regal Rouge 2012 Litter

Next Litter 
We currently have no Breedings planned
Proudly Announcing the birth of 11 Puppies on
March 1st 2012.
3 Girls & 8 Boys


Born August 18th 2008

Sire: Ch. Ballack De Achtekrim

Dame: RedLegends Cleopatra

Champion European & North American Lines

Saphira Rouge

CKC Champion Hiemer's Horore De Cremont
AKA Lexx

CKC Champion
Heimer's Honore De Cremont
(AKA Lexx)

Penn-hip: Tighter then 100 % of the dogs registered with Penn-hip!!!

Price is set at $2,500
Registration & Pedigree Papers
along with a Written Health Guarantee
are provided for each Puppy. 
Parents are Health Tested. 
Puppies receive 1st shots and are micro-chipped an come with Health Record from Vet.


Regal Rouge 2012 Litter
8 Males & 3 Females

Regal Rouge's 2012 Litter
We C-Sectioned this Litter for safety of Mum & Puppies and Sanity of Marcia...smiles

Grey Boy at 7 weeks

Check Out Our Facebook Page for more Photo's
as we take them.

We love to see our Puppies grow, below are some photo's we have.  Please send a photo of your Regal Rouge Dogue to and we will post them....

Theaodon @ 6 Months
Reagl Rouge's Theaodon King

Regal Rouge's Theaodon King at 10 weeks

Regal Rouge's Tywin

Regal Rouge's Foots Martin
Now Called Griffinn

Before you take the plunge into becoming a dog owner, I ask if you are able to answer YES too the first part of these questions and NO to the second.
1) Am I committed to walking my dog for at least one and a half hours every day?
(or will I simply feel that letting the dog out in my fenced back garden is enough exercise)
2) Am I committed to learning how to become a Clam-Assertive Pack Leader with my dog?
(or will I let my dog walk all over me)
3) Am I committed to setting clear rules, boundaries and limitations in my home?
(or will I let my dog do whatever it wants)
4) Am I committed to providing regular food & water for my dog?
(or will I feed him only when I remember too)
5) Am I committed to giving affection only at appropriate times & when the dog is clam-submissive?
(or will I hug & kiss the dog when it is fearful or aggressive, or whenever the mood strikes me)
6) Will I commit to taking my dog to the Vets on a regular basis, making sure he/she is spayed or neutered and has all the proper check-ups and vaccinations?
(or will I only go to the vet when my dog is sick or injured)
7) Will I make sure my dog is well socialized and trained properly, so he/she is never a danger to other animals or people?
(or will I hope for the best & warn people to stay out of my dogs way)
8) Am I willing to clean up after my dog whenever I walk it?
(or will I consider my dog's poop someone else's problem)
9) Am I willing to educate myself on dog psychology in general & any specific needs my dog's breed has in particular?
(or will I just lead by instinct)
10) Am I willing to put some money away in case I have to call a professional for a behavior problem or rush to the vet for a medical emergency?
(or will the dog only get what I can afford at that moment)

excert from Ceaser's Way


As the Dogue De Bordeaux carries a High Price Tag, it is a favourite amongst Puppy Mills & Back Yard Breeders.


1. Motive for breeding: "fun", "good for kids", "to make money". Does not screen buyers and seldom refuses to sell, even if buyer is unsuitable.

1. Dedication to producing quality dogs is serious avocation. Has so much invested in dogs that he/she struggles to break even, not make a profit. Will sell pups only to approved buyers.


2. Breeds the family pet to any convenient pet of the same breed just to have purebred pups. Has no concern for genetics, bloodlines, or breed improvement.

2. Can explain how planned breedings are used to emphasize specific qualities through linebreeding, outcrossing, or more rarely, inbreeding.


3. Though pet may be well loved, it was not x-rayed for hip dysplasia or checked for other problems.

3. Has breeding stock x-rayed to check for hip dysplasia and tests for other genetic faults. Can produce certification to prove claims.


4. Offers no health guarantee beyond proof of shots, if that. Unqualified to give help if problems develop.

4. Lifetime commitment to replace a dog with genetic faults or to help owner deal with problem.


5. Seller has little knowledge of breed history or of the AKC/CKC breed standard. May claim this does not matter for "just pets".

5. Loves the breed and can talk at length about its background, uses, and ideal type.


6. Pups raised in makeshift accommodations, indicating lack of long-term investment in breeding.

6. Has a serious investment in dog equipment and facilities.


7. Even when selling "just pets", may produce AKC papers or "championship pedigrees" as proof of quality. Yet seller does not increase his own knowledge through participation in national, regional, or local breed clubs. Does not show own dogs to "prove" quality.

7. Belongs to national, regional, and local dog clubs, indicating a love for the sport of purebred dogs. Exhibits own dogs as an objective test of how his stock measures up.


8. May be unwilling to show a buyer the entire litter or to introduce the dam of the litter. Cannot or will not compare/critique pups or pup’s ancestors.

8. Shows litter and dam in a sanitary environment. Helps buyer evaluate and choose a pup. Explains criteria for "show prospects"  versus "pet picks".


9. Prices are at the low end of local range, since must move pups quickly.

9. Prices will be at the high end of local range, not cut-rate. Price will not reflect all that is invested in the pups.


10. No concern for the future of individual pups or the breed as a whole. Does not use CKC’s or AKC’s limited registration option or ask for spay/neuter contract to guard against the breeding of sub-standard pups. If you cannot keep pup, tells you to take it to a dog pound or to sell it.

10. After purchase, will help you with grooming or training problems. Will take back a pup you cannot keep rather than see it disposed of inappropriately. Sells pets with spay/neuter agreement and on CKC or AKC limited registration.

Marcia Murray-Stoof C.P.D.T.
Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor
Certified Canine Behaviourist
Certified Therapy dog/cat Evaluator
Director of Evaluators for TPOC
Certified CKC Evaluator for CGN
Breeder & Exhibitor of Dogue de Bordeauxs

Regal Rogue
Breeders and Exhibitors of exceptional Dogue De Bordeaux's


Marcia Murray-Stoof C.P.D.T.
"The Dog Nanny"
Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor
Certified Canine Behaviourist
Certified Therapy dog/cat Evaluator
Director of Evaluators for TPOC
Certified CKC Evaluator for CGN
Breeder & Exhibitor of Dogue de Bordeauxs