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Regal Rouge Bordeaux

About My Dogue De Bordeauxs

History of the Dogue De Bordeaux
About My Dogue De Bordeauxs
ChampionTars Tarkas
Saphira Rouge

Guardians of Home and Family.
The Dogue De Bordeaux has a loving and gentle character
and an imposing appearance.

RedLegends Tars Tarkas

I was honoured by Cathy & Kirk Smith, when I was given the Pick Male of their Teifenbach's Calendar Girl and Ch. Noblegazes Warlock Spells Hocus Litter,
in March of 2004.
Tars Tarkas gained his C.F.C. Championship at age 2.
Tarkas is a Large Male with great Bone and a Magnificent Head. 
He has a loving and gentle character. 
His weight at 4 years is 148 Pounds.
He has been in the Rare Breed Circuit since the age of 3 months
and has been doing extremely well.
He is a registered Stud,
CFC & UKC Registered
Certified Therapy Dog
C.G.C, Obedience Advanced Certified

Tarkas was given his name by my Husband, an Edgar Rice Burrows Fan.  Tars Tarkas is a character in the Martian Chronicles.  A huge and intimidating looking  Warrior with a big soft heart.  We thought this was an excellent name for our newest boy, as we felt the character aptly fit his appearance and personality.

Tarkas is is now 9 years Old and still going strong.


This is Regal Rouge's Arya Winterfell aka Cadbury, she was/is the pick female from our 2012 Litter.
Dam:- RedLegends Saphira Rouge
Sire:- Heimer's Honore De Cremont
Her lines are littered with Champions from both Europe & North America.

Our New Girl
From Our 2012 Litter

We said goodbye to Teal'C in July 2012 he was 12
Our Beloved Teal'C son of Red Sonja & Elmo Momachello

"Saphira Rouge"
Retired from Breeding Program

Born August 18th 2008

Sire: Ch. Ballack De Achtekrim

Dame: RedLegends Cleopatra

She is from European & North American Champion Lines.

She has great Bone, perfect Top Line, Deep Chest

and a wonderful temprament.

Saphira Rouge
7 Months March 2008

Saphira prodcued her first litter in July 2010.  The Sire was Cinder Block from RedLegends Kennels.  This was a wonderful pairing producing puppies of such quality that both males and 2 of the 4 females were choosen by breeders.

Saphira & Cinder Litter July 2010
6 Puppies 2 Males & 4 Females

In 2012 Saphira had her 2nd Litter of 11 puppies, 3 Females & 8 Males.
The Sire was  CKC Champion Heimer's Honore De Cremont.
We kept two females from this litter, the other female and two males went to breeders.
This was a wonderful breeding, which produced a wonderful bunch of very good looking puppies.  This birthing was done by C-Section and Saphira was once again a wonderful Mum.  Unfortunately she developed a sudden and severe bout of mastitus, which resulted in the need to bottle feed all 11 puppies from the age of 5 days to 4.5 weeks of age.  Happily, all did extremly well and thrived, myself on the other hand was completely exhausted.

2012 Litter
Full Tummy Nap Time

Regal Rogue
Breeders and Exhibitors of exceptional Dogue De Bordeaux's


Marcia Murray-Stoof C.P.D.T.
"The Dog Nanny"
Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor
Certified Canine Behaviourist
Certified Therapy dog/cat Evaluator
Director of Evaluators for TPOC
Certified CKC Evaluator for CGN
Breeder & Exhibitor of Dogue de Bordeauxs