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ChampionTars Tarkas
Saphira Rouge

Effective July 1, 2011 the Dogue de Bordeaux

will be eligible to participate in CKC events and

has been assigned to Group 3 (Working).


We currently have no breedings planned

Based in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

We are a small Kennel.
We breed for Confirmation and Character.
Our dogs are health screened
before we breed them.
We provide a written Health Guarantee 
with each puppy along with Pedigree
& Registration Papers.
Due to our small and selective breeding program,
Reservations are Recommended.
CFC Champion RedLegends TarsTarkas
 is available for Stud Service
Chilled Semen Available for A.I.
The Dogue De Bordeaux
The Dogue De Bordeaux - also known as the French Mastiff was first brought to the attention of North Americans, with the release of the 1986 Film "Turner & Hooch", staring Tom Hanks.
This breed was however fairly well known in Europe for many years prior to it's introduction too North America. 
Today the DDB is known for it's Gentle Giant personality.  A wonderful family dog, getting along with every member of the household including other pets. This imposing breed is the epitome of Companionship and Protection without unnecessary aggression.
For A More Detailed History Of the
Douge De Bordeaux,
please read  the History Page.


I am very proud of my Dogue De Bordeaux’s, whom have gained many accomplishments over the years.

All my Bordeaux's volunteer as a Therapy Dogs and also participate in the  “Paws To Read”(R)  program for Therapeutic Paws Of Canada. (

Tarkas, is my Show and Stud Male, and has done extremely well in the show circuit, gaining his CFC Championship at age 2.

Saphira Rouge is my breeding female and comes from Champion European & North American Lines.

I spend my spare time outside of work promoting the Dogue De Bordeaux, as a well rounded Breed of Dog.  Suitable for Families with the added benefit if their vigilant Guardianship.  

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Certified Canine Behaviourist, I am also the Director of Evaluators for Therapeutic Paws Of Canada (TPOC).  

Having personally owned a variety of breeds and worked with almost every breed out there, throughout my 25+ years of Dog Handling / Breeding / Showing / Training experience, the Dogue De Bordeaux has become a favorite of mine.

Thus in the last 11 years I have dedicated myself to the promotion and education of the public about the breed.

It is my desire and the goal of the few ligitimate breeders of the Dogue de Bordeaux here in Canada, that we produce, sound healthy and true to standard and temprament Dogues, that can hold their rightful place amongst the best examples of the breed in the world.

My love for this breed goes much further than just breeding and showing, my dogs work weekly as Therapy dogs, bringing love and joy to all they meet. 

The Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) is a magnificent breed and this what I have dedicate my life, too proving.

They are your friend, your partner, your defender. 
You are their life, their love, their leader. 
They will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of their heart. 
You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion.  
Author Unknown

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Regal Rogue
Breeders and Exhibitors of exceptional Dogue De Bordeaux's


Marcia Murray-Stoof C.P.D.T.
"The Dog Nanny"
Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor
Certified Canine Behaviourist
Certified Therapy dog/cat Evaluator
Director of Evaluators for TPOC
Certified CKC Evaluator for CGN
Breeder & Exhibitor of Dogue de Bordeauxs